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How long does a driveway last?
A two course installation (2” of binder and 1” of top asphalt) generally lasts between 25 & 30 years. A one course driveway (2 ½” of top asphalt) will last approximately 18-20 years.
What is the difference between binder and top asphalt?
The size of the aggregate of stone. The larger the stone, the stronger the pavement.
Can I resurface or do I need to remove and replace my driveway?
If the pavement is in excess of 15-20 years, generally speaking, you will need to rip out and replace the driveway because the asphalt has oxidized (dried out). In some cases where the pavement has been shaded or does not receive direct sunlight it can be resurfaced. Each piece of pavement should be evaluated by a professional.
How long does the paving process take to install a new driveway?
The resurfacing of a driveway takes one day. After setting for 2-4 weeks, we usually can pave your driveway in just one day.
When is the best time of year to have my driveway paved?
Between May and November

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